DIY: Salon Quality Hair Color at Home Featuring E-Salon

I dyed my hair for the first time when I was about 14 years old.  Oh if I could turn back time.  I feel like I have basically spent the past several years trying to get back to my natural hair color, as if that will ever happen.

I think the most I have spent at the hair salon was over $300. I have gotten highlights, gone red, and essentially every other color in the book. 

I am definitely more of a DIYer these days, and am pretty excited to bring you E-Salon Hair Color.

Now, we have all tried Sally’s Beauty Supply hair color.  And it seems no matter what brand I use the color fades within just a few washes.  (This is why I always stuck to box dye.)

I am pleasantly surprised by E-Salon‘s quality. It evened out my hair color completely, and made my hair extremely shiny and soft (without giving me a ton of build up, which I found with most other dyes.)

Here are what the kit comes with:

photo 1


I definitely appreciate the fact that everything has your name on it, it is a really cute custom touch.

As you can see, it comes with a color and developer for your roots, and then another set for your hair.  Mine also came with a brush, which I honestly found useless.  If I wanted to use a brush, they should’ve also provided a mixing bowl.  

The main thing that was missing for me here, would’ve been clips to separate my hair.  I really felt like this was an all-inclusive kit. 

This was the contents of the small box you see in the middle:

photo 4

I was really happy with this addition.  It came with a stain guard and stain remover towelette ( would’ve appreciated more than one of these though.)  It also included a shampoo and conditioner.  I will definitely say that I think the shampoo method made a huge difference.  I didn’t notice any build up of the color on my hair afterwords. 

photo 5


Here is my before and after.  I am really happy with it.  You can see the unevenness in the tones in the before picture. Also the color helped neutralize some of the red.


In the end I would definitely recommend E-Salon! It is a great compromise between box dye and the salon!




Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post.  I did receive the product in exchange for posting my honest opinion. 


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