Subscription Service Spotlight: Bulu Box August 2014

100_1538This is my second month reviewing the Bulu Box, and I am again not disappointed.  This came with a great variety of things for me to test out!

It also came with some different coupons which I did not show.







I actually have a full review on soapbox coming soon, so I was pretty excited to see them in my Bulu Box.  Soapbox is great because they donate soap, water, or vitamins to children in need when you purchase from them! I received a packet of lavender body wash. With this, when you purchase one bottle, it provides a year of vitamins for a child in need! How amazing is that?


The next thing was a bonus item. It is Zestra which is a blend of botanical oils and extracts which is supposed to be a libido booster.


This was the biggest surprise for me.  They are called Protein Puffs in Tomato Basil flavor. I was expecting these to be not so tasty, but I was pleasantly surprised. The best part is they are gluten free!


This is something I received in the last box, so I took this as a hint to try them out! I will keep you updated and see if I feel like they make a difference!


Volo vitamins is a pretty neat way to get your vitamins if you can’t take pills. The flavor I received was citrus and was for energy.


Xooma Focus UP is a “healthy boost of energy” without the crash! I will be taking this before I work out next! The flavor I received was berry.


This is a “digestive aid” tea.  It is a soothing herbal tea that is supposed to help headaches. This is right up my alley!


Here is my box full of goodies! You can purchase any of the full size of these items at bulubox.  Here is a link to get 50% off your subscription! You can seriously get 3 months for only $15! Crazy deal!




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