Subscription Spotlight: Dollar Shave Club

IMG_1082 IMG_1085

I love the practical things! As a blogger who is constantly trying new products, I really appreciate when something comes through that I can ACTUALLY use!  (And the BF can use whenever he gets home.)  Dollar shave club! These are instruction cards that tell you how to use each product!


These wipes are an add on that you can add to your box for only $4! These are durable and flushable… I feel like these speak for themselves. BUT I will say they sell amazing!


This Shave butter is actually something that my boyfriend has used before, and he LOVES it. You can add this onto your box for $8.  It won’t clog pores, and is safe for sensitive skin!


The last add on I received was the Post Shave Moisturizer.  You can add it in for $9. This is soothing and safe for sensitive skin. This literally had no smell what so ever.  and my favorite thing NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS! 🙂


ANNNND now the main attraction. BLADES: I got the 4x which is $6. You get 4 cartridges, and each one has 4 blades. It says this blade is great for guys and gals, as well as anywhere on the body. Perfect!

So for my total package it would be $27 per month, which is a total steal for all these great products! Have you tried dollar shave club?



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