Our elopement story…and how I feel almost a year later.


My darling husband and I eloped on New Years Eve, 2014.  We snuck away to a beautiful little square in Savannah, GA, just 11 days after he proposed.

It has been almost a year now, and boy oh boy has this year been crazy. Just four days after we said “I do,” Jake left again to go back to training for the Army.  I went from Army Girlfriend who’s boyfriend isn’t home, to Army Fiance, to Army Wife, and then Army Wife who’s husband isn’t home in a matter of two weeks.

I signed up for this, I know I did. Jake and I have been best friends for so long (I’ll save that post for another rainy day..,) and I knew well before we were together that He planned on joining the military.  Just a few months after we got together (the day before my birthday, actually) he swore in. Five short months later, he left for Basic Training. That was easily some of the longest, loneliest, and hardest weeks of my life.  I was so thankful when he graduated Basic Training and moved on to AIT.

At AIT he was granted more freedoms, and more access. The conversation that happened after I dropped him off changed things.  We hadn’t even planned on getting engaged until he was back home, and then getting married the following fall. Both of us were severely (and for good reason) upset, when we had to once again say goodbye. We were texting later that night, and I made the joke that we should get married when he came home over Christmas…little did I know that he took it seriously.

The closer it got to him coming home, the more plans we made.  We decided that while he was home for his two weeks of Holiday leave, we would get married. If you’re thinking we’re crazy, this is actually pretty common in military relationships. We knew that getting married would enable me to go see him once a month until his training was over.  Logistics aside, being apart and going through this, along with everything else we had experienced, made us ready for it. I found an officiant, bought a white dress and a bouquet, and even some converse to surprise him with. (If you know my husband, you know that he has a severe converse addiction.)


I didn’t need a grand proposal, but knowing Jake’s heart, I didn’t expect anything less. I’ll write a formal post on it later, but let’s just say it was practically perfect in every way, and something I’ll never forget.

11 days later we snuck away to Savannah.  We had originally planned to do it in town, with our parents present, but my mom and step-dad were going out of town (we couldn’t exactly ask them not to,) and Jakes friend had flaked on getting officiated, so we adjusted our plans.

Only two people other than the officiant were there, a photographer and a friend from work to be her assistant.  Some people stopped as they were walking by to watch, but at that moment the only person I could see was him.  It was beautiful and perfect.


It’s been almost a year, and I still love the decision we made.  Nothing ever goes as planned, but it was still perfect for us. The four months he was gone after we got married were so tough, there were so many sleepless nights. We were supposed to be on our honeymoon, not separated, right? I felt that way so many times.

I LIVED for those weekend visits. My Facebook and instagram pages were a constant countdown. I had a written one above the sink I changed daily. I did whatever I could to get me through those days.

Jake graduated all of his training and came home last April. I was the best late birthday present EVER.  He’s been home several months now, and sometimes it still feels like he just got home. I don’t take a single minute for granted.

In the few months that he has been home, we have moved 600 miles, both started new jobs, got our first house, rescued a new puppy, and several other life changes. It has been a whirlwind, but I love every single day.

Now let’s talk weddings… Do I regret eloping? Not even for a second. Sure, we got a little backlash. We are both adults, and made our own choice.  We do plan on having a wedding to celebrate with loved ones, and I will be sharing that journey along with all of you! Feel free to leave any comments with any questions you may have, or if you are thinking about possibly eloping and want some advice!




17 thoughts on “Our elopement story…and how I feel almost a year later.

  1. That is literally what we are talking about doing. But we don’t know the timing because he might not get Christmas leave and he’s already been in a year. Possible deployment next year/end of this year… we’re 19 and my parents know nothing of it yet. It’s stressful.

    1. I can definitely see how that would be stressful! We had set up an “engagement dinner” with everyone, and the plan was to just show up and say “We’re married!” We actually decided to send a picture to them and then call each person. Honestly, our families weren’t super happy about it at first, but almost a year later… my family is on board, they love Jake and love us together. They see how happy we are and are excited to now, plan a wedding…my husband’s family on the other hand, aren’t nearly as supportive. We are willing to ignore it/deal with it, whatever you’d like to call it, because we know we made the right choice for us.
      I would say, worry about just the two of you. Be open and honest about ANY worries you have, weigh out the pros and cons. We wanted to be married more than we wanted a wedding. Hope that helps!

  2. What a beautiful story! And an early congrats on your upcoming anniversary(: My hubby’s in the military as well. We weren’t together during his Basic and AIT years but he recently had to go away for training and let me tell you that SUCKED!!! I know we signed up for this, but it sure doesn’t make it any easier.

    1. Thank you so much!
      It really doesn’t. No one can say they know what you’ve gone through unless they’ve really been through it! I was so unprepared! haha! thank you for taking the time to check this out! 🙂 let me know if you ever need to talk

  3. This is a beautiful story! My army man and I have also planned to elope soon after he proposes. How long were you guys together before all this? I feel like our situation is so much more complicated because we are both from different states. We met one weekend when I was visiting my friend that’s in the army and we’ve been together since that weekend.

  4. This is such a beautiful story. It brought tears to my eyes!
    My best friend had a very similar timeline to yours. She met him through one of her friend’s. It was his brother. They started by chatting on MySpace while he was in Afghanistan. He got back in October, and he got to stay home for 2 weeks before heading back to his base. They were married over his holiday leave in December.
    They’ve been married 5 years now.

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