You got the interview…5 top tips to rock it!

In my real life job…. hiring is a big part of what I do.  I’ve been doing interviews for 5 years now, for a wide variety of companies. Here are a few big DO’s..Feel free to add your own in the comments below!
Do your research about the business.  It is very impressive when a candidate is prepared for the interview, and can show it.  It can really turn off a hiring manager, when they ask you what you know about the business, and you come off as you have no clue.  (We all know that when you are searching for a job, you probably post to about 100 different openings… but don’t let that show!) If we are trying to picture you as an employee for our business, you have to be able to present that picture to us.
Dress appropriately. This kind of goes along with number one. Visit the business if you can, (especially in retail.) Take a look at what the staff is wearing. I would say if the staff is in t-shirt in jeans, dress business casual. If the staff is business casual, dress business. Always be a leg up, and dress to impress! You also want to make sure that your outfit isn’t distracting from your experience or personality..keep that in mind as well.
Bring a resume. Simply put, be prepared. Don’t make the hiring manager print it out, or have that awkward moment when they expect you to have it in hand and you don’t. It helps so much to have that resume in print, right in front of me so I can reference that to ask you about your experience.
Be around 10-15 minutes early. This totally might just be me, and personal preference. My schedule is tight, so when you show up half an hour early, it makes me feel rushed, or there will be a chance that I am on a lunch break, or running an errand.  Then there is the opposite end, please don’t be late either.  Again, keep in mind you are helping the hiring manager to picture you as their employee, in the position you are applying for. No one wants an employee who has no time management skills.
Answer honestly. This is probably the most important. Chances are, that if you are lying, they can tell. If it doesn’t come out in the interview, it will come out if you are hired, and then you fumble while doing the job.  It’s a waste of everyone’s time if you interview well, but can’t meet expectations.  Don’t tell them you feel passionate about a certain area, when you could care less.
Lastly, if you aren’t going to make it, please notify them. That could be a courtesy email, or phone call.  Again, everyone has a tight schedule, and it’s a sucky feeling (amongst being annoying) when we get stood up for interviews.  I’ll remember those people that flaked, especially when I see their resume hit my desk again.. bad juju. NO thanks!
Did these tips work for you? Do you like this kind of post? Let me know!… Coming soon will be a handful of interview looks! Stay tuned!
Always, (and good luck)

4 thoughts on “You got the interview…5 top tips to rock it!

  1. Awesome advice. I used to be a recruiter, and I would interview all of my candidates. It was shocking how people would come dressed to an interview….or late or not at all.

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